Cambodia Human Trafficking, Labor Migration { 29 images } Created 24 Feb 2010

In the rural border town of Koh Kong, Cambodian migrants cross from their impoverished and economically depressed province into Thailand in search of work. Many are the sole bread-winners for their extended family, working in fish processing plants, on Thai fishing boats, as domestic servants, or other local industries.

Illegally crossing into Thailand requires bribes to border officials, a boat, and a guide who can navigate the heavily mined border. Once in Thailand, workers fear deportation and are often exploited as a result; in other cases they are found by human traffickers who may sell women into the sex industry and sell men to ocean going factory trawlers where they may work without pay for up to two years and face injury or death.

Still, knowing these risks, many migrants have no real choice if they are to support their families.

Follow migrants in this multimedia piece as the cross into Thailand:
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