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These are excerpts from stories I've followed, longer term projects, concepts, and themes.

The trial of Yusef Jama: convicted of brutally raping a young woman, he maintains his innocence and will not finger the two accomplices the woman testifies joined in the beating and rape.

Human trafficking for sex and labor in Cambodia: ongoing reportage of a complex subject with many threads. Victim aftercare. Foreign sex tourists. Migration for labor. Border control and immigrant rights. Poverty. The story in Cambodia is one seen across the globe.

Commercial salmon fishing in Alaska: defining a product and getting it to market. I've been to Bristol Bay, Cordova, and Kodiak Island following the salmon industry from the can to frozen fillets to entire fish sold before they've even before they're on ice as high end restaurants and supermarkets vie for the seasonal commodity.

Energy: biodigesters, ethanol, wind, hydrofracturing for natural gas, fuel cells, landfill methane, hydropower and drought. Alternative energy and the environment are intertwined, especially here in the pacific northwest where we take cheap power for granted.

S.A.N.E.-Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. Part of a multimedia piece, this is what happens when a person walk into Seattle's Harborview ER and says they've been raped.
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